We started making  Alaska Mats in 1998 and it didn't take long before we began getting requests for mats from other Vacation Destinations.  Most of the mat designs you see on our website were created in response to customer's requests and we would be happy to create a custom mat for you.  Scroll down to see some examples.


We work with two basic mats, the 11"x14" collage mat and an 8"x10" mat that displays a 4"x 6" pic.   To create a mat just email us and let us know what you have in mind, the more ideas/details you can provide the better.  (For the Contact page just hover over "More" on the header or footer)   We will make a layout and email it to you for approval.  We will make changes and tweaks until we get it just the way you like.  Once we have a finished design we will email you a Paypal money request.  The base price is $29.00 for the 11"x14" and $14.00 for the 8"x10" which includes shipping.  Depending on the complexity of the design we may ask a one-time layout charge, usually starting at $10.00.   We're happy to offer bulk discounts for 12 or more of the exact same mat, colors may vary, please email for a quote.  And as always, all prices include Priority Mail shipping!

Collage fits 11"x14" frame

A custom Anniversary Mat for birders.


Mat fits 8"x10" frame and displays a 4"x6" pic


A custom mat for a Bob Marley fan!


This one was for Bonnie & Steve's concert memories!


One of our all time favorite designs.

BeNeLux is short for a special tour through

Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg


A custom Wedding Mat

One family's cabin in the woods

A custom Vacation Mat with cut-outs of

Alberta and Montana.


We also made both 8x10 and 11x14 mats for the Serene Lakes Homeowner's Association fundraiser.

We made both 8x10 and 11x14 mats for 2014 Convention of the

National Extension Association of Family and Consumer Sciences


A custom mat for a vacation that included a bullet train

  ride through the tunnel between England & France.

LondonNormandyParis forWix.JPG

A special mat for Julie & Ted's Christmas Cruise on the  Danube. 

This mat has the river cut-out and lists each of cities they visited.


Kulik2019P forWix.JPG
Kulik2018L forWix.JPG
Kulik2017P forWix.JPG

Kulik is a fishing Lodge in the Alaska Bush.  Every

week each guest receives a pic of themselves in a

custom mat.  Let us create custom mats for your

business, organization or event!